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Hotel del Coronado

san diego coronado island

Hotel del Coronado

A small island town in San Diego Bay, Coronado is known for its fascinating beginnings, its idyllic setting and of course, its beautiful beach resorts. The founders of Coronado Island were visionaries, building an entire community around the idea of drawing tourists from around the globe. They did it knowing that people from all walks of life would come. They would come to soak in the San Diego sun and to see the stunning sights of the San Diego Bay. And they couldn’t have been more correct. 
Throughout its more than 120-year history, millions of visitors have traveled to Coronado to enjoy the waterfront ambiance, dine at the fabulous restaurants, shop at the upscale boutiques and view the many historic buildings. They also came to be spoiled by the lavish amenities of the world-Famous Hotel del Coronado.

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The grand Hotel del Coronado was the creation of the founders of Coronado and to many, perhaps their greatest, because when it opened in1888, it became the landing spot for American heroes, Presidents, Princes, movie stars and more of the rich and famous. Starting with Benjamin Harrison in 1891, 10 Presidents have visited the Hotel del Coronado. Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and athletic heroes like Babe Ruth have also stayed at the Del. There’s even rumor of Kate Morgan being the resident ghost. Thomas Edison and aviator Charles Lindbergh were also on the guest-list, along with various other famous VIP’s. Throughout its 120 years, the Hotel del Coronado has earned a fascinating reputation, from its classic Victorian architecture to its breathtaking views and pristine beach, the Del is a definite must see for everyone who visits the area.

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