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San Diego Waterfront Park Information Guide

San Diego Waterfront Park

This huge, 12-acre green space that some call San Diego’s front porch is comprised of several distinct areas where different activities can be enjoyed. The centerpiece of the project is a 40-foot wide, 830-foot long, and 1-inch deep fountain. Resembling what some describe as the country’s biggest wading pool, this is a hotbed of activity for children of all ages to splash around as the 31 jets gush water up into the air. And, in true California, eco-friendly style, the water is recycled and treated daily. Among the other zones within the park, you’ll find areas custom-built for the younger ones with cool obstacle courses, modern jungle-gyms, a rock wall, steep slides, and skateboards mounted on springs. There are Garden Rooms that feature an array of flowering plants, carved out paths, and places to sit and watch the world go by.

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