Important Message from Boston Tea Party Ships. Read more. Also, Important Message on the Boston Old Town Trolley Tours during Red Sox games and events around stop 12. Read more.

Wednesday April 25th Very Busy- Public tours running every hour between 10:00 and 3:30. Waits may be longer than normal.
Friday, April 27th Public Tours every 45 mins between 10:00 am and 12:30. Guest may have a longer Morning wait.  Do not wait until the last tour at 5 pm to arrive.
On days there is a Game or other event at Fenway Park, Old Town Trolley Service to Stop # 12 (Fenway Park) will cease one hour before the start if the event and recommence 1/2 hour after the event starts. During and at the end of the Ball Game or event, we will monitor traffic at Fenway and at our discretion may suspend service to Stop #12
Guest are advised that Fenway is a relatively easy walk from Stop # 11, Dalton Street, during the time Stop # 12 is closed.
For Sunday, April 22nd – Old Town Trolley Tours of Boston will have changes to the regular route due to the annual Greek Independence Day Parade as well as the closure of the Longfellow Bridge for ongoing construction. Stops may be made out of order or reclocated due to detours. Please call the local office at 617-269-7150 option 1 for the most up to date information.
Stop # 13 will be in front of the Cambridge Marriot on Broadway.
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How To See Boston in 2 Days


Your friends who have traveled here might say you need more than 2 days in Boston to see all the best attractions, but many of the attractions only require 30 minutes to an hour for a tour. This means that you can easily visit five Boston attractions per day and still have time for three leisurely meals; and we all know how important it is to eat the great food in Boston! Here’s a recommended itinerary from our travel planners who know all the shortcuts.

  • Admissions Admissions
  • Shopping Shopping
  • Dining Dining
  • Entertainment Entertainment
  • Restrooms Restrooms

Day 1

boston-freedom-trailStop #1 – The Freedom Trail & Shopping

9:00am start: The first stop on the tour is located close to Faneuil Hall, Quincy Marketplace, and Long Wharf. So you can start the morning by grabbing breakfast at North 26 and walk by the marketplace on your way to the wharf.

Stop #5- The Freedom Trail

Hop off and visit the Old State House, Boston Massacre Site, Old South Meeting House, and Kings Chapel Burying Ground. These are all great attractions along the Freedom Trail and many of them are free. The Old State House is the oldest public building in Boston and was where the Declaration of Independence was first read to the people of Boston on July 18, 1776. You can see everything here in about 90 minutes or less.

Stop #7- Shopping & Lunch

Walk down the famous Marlborough and Newbury streets, go shopping, visit Copley Square, relax in Boston Common and have a great afternoon. You’ll also want to stop at Cheers for lunch and a beer with Norm!

boston-tea-party-ships-museumRe-Board at Stop #15

Ride through the Seaport District en route to stop #17 at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum for a 1 hour tour and reenactment of the event that started the American Revolution. Stop in at Abigail’s Tea Room for a spot of tea and pastry. Finally, take the last trolley back to the depot and stroll on over to the North End for dinner at Trattoria Il Panino.


Day 2

Ballparks, Universities, & More

9:00am start: Depending on what hotel you’re staying at will depend on the closest trolley stop to hop on. You’re going to want to shoot for one of the stops between # 5 and #10.

Stop #12- Fenway Park

Walk around the area or just pass by on the trolley and enjoy the view.

boston mitStop #13- Cambridge, & M.I.T

Take 90 minutes to walk around campus and marvel at all the historic buildings and libraries. On to stop #15, where you’ll get to see more of the Freedom Trail like Park Street Church, The State House, Granary Burying Ground, the Make Way For Ducklings statue in Boston Common and Beacon Hill.

At this point, you will have seen many of the major Boston attractions on your list and it would be time to have some lunch and take the afternoon to visit some of the attractions we have not checked off . As you can see, if you plan your itinerary correctly, you can easily see all of Boston in 2 Days. Taking the Old Town Trolley Tour is like taking a trip through history. You will be delighted to see so many places where so many significant events in America’s past took place and to be able to do it all in just 2 days!

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