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15 Instagrammable Spots In San Diego

A silhouette of the wooden rollercoaster at Bemont Park in San Diego, CA

San Diego is a gem in southern California!

Known as America’s finest city, San Diego is home to beautiful beaches, eclectic fare, farmers’ markets bursting with goodies, a year ‘round outdoor lifestyle and every summer plays host to the International Comic-Con. Filled with colorful characters, epic landscapes, incredible sunsets and enough fish tacos to go around, this city by the sea invites visitors to sit back, relax and enjoy life.

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In the information age where data and details whiz across our screens with posts, clicks, tweets and apps for everything, more and more visitors have been tracking their holiday travel finds with social media. At hotel rooftop bars, Insta-meets take place where people can pop by to share their latest discoveries with like-minded folks. In today’s world, millennials and travelers pick up a computer before they grab a guidebook. People head to their handheld computer or whip out their tablet to check reviews, stats or likes faster than they’d head to the library or grab a brochure. Eye-catching, attention-grabbing shots leap off our screens and encapsulate the viewer. Scroll up to your camera, open your app and post away – here are 15 Instagrammable spots in San Diego.

1. Scripps Pier at La Jolla Beach:

Used as one of the largest research piers in the country, there’s more to capture here than the standalone stanchions. Wildlife and whimsical white caps meet sunshine and sunsets at Scripps Pier. The iconic images and memory making moments are magical.

2. Sunset Cliffs Natural Park:

With its rocky terrain, intricate bluffs, arches, caves and crevasses, the wide angle views off of these cliffs are breathtaking. Whether you’re there to capture the sunset, an engagement, surfers, whales or the timely crests of waves, the naturals hues of the land and sea pop right through your screen.

san diego balboa park3. The Pond at Balboa Park:

Any day of the week you’ll run into schools of swimming fish, hoards of Segway riders, brides and grooms, buskers, puppies and families awaiting your arrival. There’s a juxtaposition of old-world architecture, nature’s luminous hues and myriads of people out for a day of enjoyment. Snap a pic and watch the ‘likes’ fly in.

picture of polar bear swimming4. San Diego Zoo at Balboa Park:

Feed a giraffe and watch her tongue greet your hands. Point and shoot to capture an elephant getting a shower or an orangutan swinging from his favorite rope. With every click of your finger, the individual personalities, character, and soul of the animals in residence seem to leap off the screen.

5. Street Art at Barrio Logan’s Chicano Park:

Officially a National Historic Landmark, Chicano Park is a colorful symbol of activism and community. Hidden beneath the San Diego-Coronado Bridge, you’ll find eye-popping images filled with bright colors, community symbolism, passion, and incredible talent. No filters necessary.

6. Ocean Beach Sunset Looking Towards the Pier:

Whether you’re capturing the human interest stories that regularly flood Ocean Beach, grabbing a shot of thousands as they glimpse the sun for one last time that day or click a shot of a surfer riding in on his/her last wave, the colors on your screen won’t need any sort of filter to secure the moments of those true images.

belmont park rollercoaster7. Belmont Park at Mission Beach:

Old school roller coasters, giant churros, mini-golf, rope-walks and cotton candy the size of your head are waiting for you and your phones at the Belmont Park at Mission Beach. Providing fun for all ages, the bright sky blends with the crashing ocean while the backdrop of traditional amusement park fun fills your screen.

8. Hotel del Coronado:

A pinnacle of prestige, tradition, and grandeur, the Hotel del Coronado sits on the Instagram® feeds of today and the black and white filmstrips of yesteryear. Capture the color of the tasteful treats. Grab a shot of Sand Castle Man’s beachfront creations or head over during the holidays for the fantastic flicker of holiday lights and shots of the glistening ice-skating rink overlooking the ocean.

9. Seaport Village’s Balancing Rocks:

Most days of the week you’ll find the rock man building and balancing on the seashore. Drop in a donation for a photo and you’ll find the magic of the stones encapsulated on ‘camera lenses.’ Stagger your shots throughout the day for perspective, angle, and color.

San Diego Skyline at Night10. San Diego City Skyline:

Stand atop Mr. A’s restaurant, grab a taxi from the airport or head south on the I5, and you’ll glimpse the spectacle that is the skyline of San Diego. Between buildings, masts, aircraft carriers and lights, there’s a picture waiting to be captured of a skyline that sparkles as it welcomes you home.

little Italy sign in san diego california11. Little Italy’s Farmers’ Market:

Every Saturday morning visitors flock to Little Italy for tasty treats, vintage finds, impeccable produce and wholesome products. The bright green of the juice drinks, the prickly spines of the sea urchins, the brilliant blues of the blueberries and the giant wedges of cheese are only some of the cacophony of color you’ll find in stores.

12. Salk Institute of Biological Studies:

According to their website, this ‘modern architectural treasure’ is world renown. Chat with a scientist, tour the architecture, shoot your pictures and spend time as the light bounces off of the columns illuminating the masterful minds within.

13. Potato Chip Rock at Mount Woodson:

You can see Palomar Mountain, the ocean, the lakes, the trails and hundreds of hikers along your way as you hike the trail to Potato Chip Rock. Go early or you’ll have to stand in line to get that spectacular shot where rock turns into chip and you’re literally standing on the edge of the world.

14. Torrey Pines Natural Reserve:

Blue skies, crashing waves, winding hiking paths, natural wildflowers, constant gliders taking flight and epic landscapes make up the scene of this natural reserve. Click shots of the glistening rocks on the beach, the hikers on their journeys, the tide as it ebbs and flows and life happening before your very eyes.

15. Hillcrest Farmers’ Market:

Set amidst the backdrop of the Pride flag, Hillcrest Farmer’s Market is a world filled of flavorful food mixed with phenomenal folk. Click away at the adjacent tents, food trucks, vendors and stalls that yield entrees, appetizers and enough desserts to whet anyone’s appetite.

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