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Coronado / Orange Avenue

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san diego coronado island

Coronado Beach

Just steps away from the Hotel del Coronado is the exquisite Coronado Beach. Located on the ocean side of Coronado Island, it’s the ideal setting to surf, swim or snooze in the sun. Voted the # 2 beach in America and the # 1 family beach, the pretty white sands and refreshing ocean waters attract both locals and tourists. It’s a great place to relax, play and watch the sun as it sets over the Pacific. There’s much to do, from beach volleyball to whale watching in the winter months. And because of its location, views of San Diego are panoramic.

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Beaches at Coronado Beach

san diego coronado beachThe top beaches on Coronado Island are the main Coronado Beach, the Glorietta Bay Beach, and the Silver Strand State Beach. Coronado Central Beach starts just south of the island’s Naval Air Station, is the widest beach in San Diego County and is roomy enough for all kinds of activities, even on the most crowded of days. While exploring Coronado Beach, you can enjoy a wide variety of activities like surfing, swimming, sunbathing, fishing, sailing, and more.

Located on Coronado Island’s inland side, and not too far from Coronado Beach, is Glorietta Bay Beach, which is part of the beautiful Glorietta Bay Park. Glorietta Bay Beach is one of the best spots to relax in San Diego County, as it offers breathtaking views of the Coronado Bridge and the marvelous San Diego skyline. Although the beach itself is small, the amount of fun activities is endless. With public bonfire pits, jet skis, sailing and more all offered on site, it’s no wonder how this beach became a favorite amongst locals.

Often referred to as Dog Beach by locals, North Beach provides a fun and safe space for our four legged friends to enjoy the warm waters of San Diego. Dogs can be off leash on this beach unlike all the other beaches along the Coronado Island shoreline. At the northernmost end of Dog Beach is Breakers Beach at North Island Navy Base, and only military personnel and their families are allowed to use that stretch of beach. As you stroll along Dog Run Beach, you have the benefit of scenery that includes the famous Hotel Del Coronado to the south, and, in the distance, Point Loma topped by the Cabrillo National Monument.

For those who like to fish, the Silver Strand State Beach is an excellent place to cast a line. Among the fish that you can expect to catch at the beach are yellow-fin croakers, corbina, perch, and grunion. Often less crowded than Coronado Beach and Glorietta Bay Beach, Silver Strand State Beach is ideal for those seeking a bit more peace and quiet. Even the water is more relaxed at this location, as it tends to be warmer and calmer than beaches on the ocean side. For those staying at the Hotel Del Coronado, camping at the Silver Strand is available. The long stretch of beaches here makes it the perfect spot to surf, play some beach volleyball, engage in water-skiing, or cruise the surrounding area by boat.

Ferry Landing Marketplace is a great place to go shopping for tourists and locals. As part of the marketplace, visitors will find shops, fine restaurants, eateries, and art galleries. The walkways are lined with swaying palms and the occasional pond. No matter what you’re looking for, the shops at Ferry Landing Marketplace will have it. Sea shells, south of the border souvenirs, fine jewelry, sportswear, and holiday treasures can all be found at the marketplace.

How To Get There

Enjoy an unforgettable journey through time, exploring the rich history of San Diego. Hop aboard the Old Town Trolley and get the unique insider’s view of America’s Finest City. From Coronado Island to Old Town San Diego, you’ll enjoy sunny skies, popular attractions and a magnificent coastline painting the view. There’s no better way to see the best of San Diego!

Beach Activities

Girl surfing off San Diego coastIt’s not just breathtaking views and crystal blue warm waters at these beaches. Each one also offers a unique set of activities guaranteed to elevate your day in America’s Finest City. Biking in Coronado is an absolute delight. Unlike most of San Diego, the island is pretty flat, so even beach cruisers are great for getting around and exploring. If you prefer something a little more competitive, you can find some of the best beach volleyball courts in the city within the heart of central beach. Surfing and paddle boarding are also popular hobbies by many this side of San Diego, as the calmer water offers a great place for surfers of all levels to refine their skills. Nature lovers flock to Coronado Central Beach for the tide pools. During low tide , experienced tide pool explorers can often be found walking on the sand without stepping on living creatures or disturbing them or their habitat. The most popular tide pooling location is directly out from the Hotel del Coronado.

Places To Eat

San Diego isn’t just home to some of the best beaches in the world, it’s also a culinary experience unlike any other. The mix of cultures and flavors makes for a melting pot of some of the tastiest dishes in all of California. The Henry, located in Coronado, is one of the most craveable spots around town. The food keeps regulars coming back for seconds, thirds, and fourths. From simple but always satisfying smashed avocado toast to delicate roasted branzino, The Henry’s menu has something delicious and unique for everyone.

In the mood for something straight from the sea? Lobster West is just what you’re seeking. All of their lobsters are directly sourced from the icy cold waters of Maine shipped straight to Southern California, ensuring freshness in every bite. Their mouthwatering house favorite lobster rolls are guaranteed to leave you speechless.

Nobody can say no to pizza and Village Pizzeria is no exception to the rule. Serving up the island’s go-to for East Coast style pizza since 2002, this San Diego favorite will have you thinking you’re back in Little Italy. Locals and tourists can’t get enough of their fresh ingredients and chef special pizzas. In addition to New York style and Sicilian pizza, Village Pizzeria offers hoagies, pastas, and salads. There’s nowhere else you’d rather go to grab a pitcher of craft beer and a pie with friends and family.

If something sweet is what you’re after, the MooTime Creamery will satisfy your cravings. This local and hand crafted ice-cream shop is a true hidden gem. At MooTime, all ice-cream is made from scratch with only the finest ingredients. With over 16% of delicious butterfat added, their ice cream achieves unparalleled levels of delicious creaminess. One of their secrets is churning the ice cream at carefully low speeds, adding a unique density that many compare to gelato.

Hotels by The Beach

san diego coronado islandBoasting a fascinating history dating back to 1888 and playing host to numerous famous guests through the years, Hotel del Coronado is an iconic tourist destination. Located on the beautiful beachfront of Coronado Island, a short 15-minute drive over Coronado Bridge or ferry ride from Downtown San Diego, the landmark hotel is one of the last remaining architectural examples of its kind. Originally built as a wooden Victorian beach resort, Hotel del Coronado is celebrated for preserving many of the original features. A stay at this gorgeous hotel feels like a step back in time.

The historical Glorietta Bay Inn offers guests another blissful oasis into the past. Originally home to John Dietrich Spreckels, a historical figure in San Diego’s past, the iconic hotel features contemporary rooms. Lavish decor and unique features elevate the feel and serve as the perfect backdrop for a vacation selfie. Families will truly enjoy the hotel as special moments are created daily through treats, gingersnap cookies, a mini putt-putt course, and a Bedtime Story Hotline.

For those looking to spend extended time in Coronado, the Coronado Beach Resort is a great option. All rooms and suites include a kitchen area for cooking, plus additional space to relax and unwind. The property even offers suites with one or two bedrooms that sleep up to six. Just steps away are plenty of activities such as bike rentals, local happy hour bars, ice cream shops and more. Meanwhile, the resort’s best feature is a rooftop deck with a hot tub, providing the perfect place to spend time with friends.

Nearby Activities / Attractions

Located just off of Orange Avenue, Star Park circle provides a location for some of Coronado’s favorite traditions. Designed in 1886 as a part of the city’s original plans, the park was a gracious donation to the city by J.D. Spreckels. The park was cleverly named for the five streets that shoot out from the middle circle resembling a star. When Star Park was originally created, its hedges were trimmed in the shape of a star. Today, the city continues to enjoy the breathtaking park as it hosts the annual Memorial Day celebrations.

The Coronado Museum of History & Art offers visitors an engaging way to learn about the history of San Diego. As part of the Coronado Historical Association, the museum’s mission is to make Coronado’s unique architecture, art, and historical resources accessible to all visitors. This museum honors the lives and creations of the people who lived in the community throughout the centuries. With innovative programs and intriguing exhibits catered to all ages, the museum strives to achieve greater recognition for the artists that have helped make Coronado what it is today.

For a small-town boutique theatre, the Lamb’s Players Theatre is nothing short of remarkable. The productions held in this live venue are rich displays of first-rate art. Past stage shows in this intimate setting include performances of notable productions like The Miracle Worker, Le Misérables, and Fiddler on the Roof to name a few. The box office is currently open for reservations for the upcoming season.

Author L. Frank Baum spent much of his time vacationing from his home in Chicago while writing the Oz series. Spending his winters in Coronado from 1904-1910 to escape the harsh cold of his hometown, Baum grew to love the warm California sun. He was also drawn to the iconic red castle-like turrets of The Hotel del Coronado, serving as his early inspiration for the Emerald City. Struck with this new creative idea formulating in his mind, the acclaimed author rented a home in the surrounding area to begin writing. The adorable yellow home rented out by Baum is where he wrote all three books in his Oz Series, creating arguably the most famous story of all time.

With endless amounts of fun and relaxation available at every corner, it’s no wonder why Coronado continues to rise up the ranks of best vacation destinations. From the delicious bites of culinary classics to the touch of historical magic right alongside the beach, there’s few places visitors would rather be. Pristine white sand beaches, unbelievable shopping, and a touch of historical magic will make this vacation one to remember. So, plant your chair and umbrella on any of their pristine sandy beaches, read the last few chapters of that novel you’ve been wanting to finish, and dip your toes in the crystal blue waters of America’s Finest City as you bask in the good life.

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