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Things To Do In The Summer

labor day museum of american indian

Cool Things To Do In DC During Summer

Our nation’s capital is one of those places every American must visit at least once in their lifetime. History abounds on every corner and an abundance of interesting attractions and sights offers something for people of all ages. Keep yourself and the family cool with this helpful list of things to do in DC during the summer.

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Tour the sights

Old Town Trolley tour stop at the Jefferson MemorialGet MORE out of your summer in DC aboard the iconic Old Town Trolley and see the best first!

To see the monuments, museums, the most popular points of interest and attractions, all while staying cool in the summer, take a tour. The Old Town Trolley Tour of Washington DC shows you more than 100 points of interest and is fully narrated.

The guides are locals who are history experts and are known for their humorous anecdotes about the people, events and places you’ll be seeing. Along the way, you’ll see the monuments – the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial and more.

You’ll also see the National Archives, the Congress and U.S Capitol Building, the White House, the National Mall and the Smithsonian Museums. The best part of the DC sightseeing tour is that you can get off and take your time at any or all of their stops. There are trolleys coming and going all day long and you can even stretch your tour out over two days, so you can actually see all there is to see at each of the sights.

Spy some cool exhibits

What’s cooler than a spy? Nothing, of course! Except, perhaps, the only spy museum in the country.

Set your Bond fantasies free in this amazing museum dedicated to the art of espionage. The International Spy Museum has more than 200 spy gadgets, weapons, bugs, cameras, vehicles, technologies and more. There are interactive exhibits, special collections, lectures, events and even a whole exhibit showcasing 50 years of James Bond Villains. Spend an exciting day discovering the secrets that only spies know; it’s fun for the whole family. You can get off at the Stop #9 if you take the Old Town Trolley Tour.

 Explore centuries of history, art, international cultures and more.

Smithsonian museums

National Air & Space MuseumThere are more than 19 Smithsonian museums in Washington DC and several others that are must do’s while in the city. That’s enough to keep you and your family busy and out of the summer heat for days on end. From the National Air and Space Museum, the National Museum of Natural History, the National Museum of American History, to the National Museum of the American Indian, the American Art Museum and more, there is a museum to browse through on practically every corner.

Many of these museums are also a part of the trolley tour route, making it even easier to stay cool since you won’t have to drive around looking for parking.

 Stay cool in the capital
. When summer hits and you find yourself in Washington DC, there are many inside activities that will keep you cool. Whether you take a tour or visit one of the many museums and attractions, you’ll discover just how much there is to see and do in the nation’s capital.

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